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OHSAS 18001 Internal Auditor Checklist

 » Everything you need to establish your internal Audit Process

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OHSAS 18001 All In One Package


"Anytime you need to use my name for your products and service I will give you an E for excellent on products and an A+ for outstanding service."

- Bettye Patrick, United Plating


This complete Internal Audit Checklist & Tools Package provides everything you need to establish your Internal Audit Process. The documented procedure is a process that has been used and proven in OHSAS 18001 trained and registered companies across the globe.

  • 18 page checklist covers every section of the standard.
  • We include both a Microsoft Word version and an Excel version so you can use whichever format is best for you. You will receive BOTH formats for one price.
  • Also includes the Internal Audit Procedure, Forms and PowerPoint: All the tools you need to set up your audit program.
  • Created by OHSAS 18001 Certified Lead Auditors who work for Registrars
  • Space to list comments, non-conformances, and evidence
  • Completely customizable so you can add comments relative to your organization
  • Links to supporting pages on our website to help you understand the clauses

You don't want to cut corners with audits - buy a complete solution! Need to train your internal auditors? Buy our Internal Audit Checklist together with Internal Auditor Training Materials and save.



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Internal Audit Checklist

  • Includes Technical Support
  • OHSAS 18001 Internal Audit Checklist
    • 18 Page Checklist in Microsoft Word
    • Also provided in Microsoft Excel
  • An Internal Audit Procedure
    • Details
  • Internal Audit Forms
    • Audit Plan
    • Internal Audit Report
    • Procedure by Work Area
    • Audit Point Checklist
  • Guide to OHSAS 18001 Internal Audit Presentation
    • 24 Slide PPT (15 min) outlines the basics of auditing as a foundation
      • Types of Audits
      • Why Audit?
      • Who Can Audit?
      • How to perform an Internal Audit

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Audit Checklist in MS Word ✓   ✓
Audit Checklist in MS Excel ✓   ✓
Internal Audit Procedure ✓   ✓
3 Audit Planning Forms ✓   ✓
Audit Report Form ✓   ✓
Guide to Internal Audits PowerPoint ✓ ✓ ✓
Review of the OHSAS 18001 Standard   ✓ ✓
Requirements of OHSAS 18001 PowerPoint   ✓ ✓
Steps of an OHSAS 18001 Audit PowerPoint   ✓ ✓
Comprehensive Trainer's Guide   ✓ ✓
Student Manual   ✓ ✓
Mock Company Case Study Materials   ✓ ✓
Customizable Certificate of Completion   ✓ ✓
Buy both packages together and save!     ✓
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