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ISO 45001:2018 has replaced OHSAS 18001.Click here for the new 45001 website.

How do we Manage Risks with OHSAS 18001?

If you have decided to implement an OHSMS in your company then you know that you will need to have systems in place in order to meet the requirements of OHSAS 18001. A key health and safety requirement outlined in clause 4.3.1 of OHSAS 18001 deals with Hazard identification, risk assessment and determining controls.

Risk Management CycleBut how do you determine, analyze and manage risk?

As you begin your OH&S program, there are four important project activities to consider:

Gap Analysis

An early step in meeting this requirement is to perform a gap analysis. The gap analysis sets the stage for the steps that will lead to a complete risk analysis and risk management of health and safety for your organization. It is one of the most important steps in your project because it outlines what areas of your current system need improvement to meet OHSAS 18001.

Initial Review

The Initial OH&S reviews are logical next steps. The reviews are used to identify the workplace areas that are under control and highlight the one where hazards are identified and need attention. Initial reviews are considered a prerequisite to the analysis and the management of risks associated with the identified hazards.The Initial OH&S Review is not considered an audit. The OH&S review is an initial assessment to help create an OHSMS while the OH&S audit assesses the performance of the OHSMS.

Risk analysis

The information collected with the gap analysis and the initial reviews is used within the constraints of the business operating parameters, to manage the risks with the systematic assessment and analysis of risks.Health and safety risks can vary and be very different depending on the nature of the business and/or products.

OH&S Performance Improvement

With the determination, implementation and monitoring of controls needed to mitigate the effects of the hazards and their risks; the risk management loop is completed with improvements in health and safety performance. Corrective actions are identified and improvements in OH&S performance result in workplaces that are safer and healthier.

Tools to Help You Manage Risk:

  • Gap Analysis checklist
  • Risk Analysis Guide, containing:
    • Initial Review Checklist – for the office workplace
    • Initial Review Checklist – for the plant workplace
    • Risk Analysis worksheets covering the office and plant workplaces
    • Improvement Action Follow-Up worksheet
  • Procedures:
    • Initial Review
      • To help you with the initial review checklists
    • Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Controls
      • To help you with the risk analysis worksheets
  • Corrective-Preventive Action Planning Guide

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